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Joe Barone: PHOTOS

Live @ The Roads, Long Island (Design by Joe Allen)
Live @ The Knitting Factory, NYC (Photo by Fritz)
(Photo by Fritz)
The Breakdown (Photo by Joe Barone)
Live @ The Webster Theatre, CT (Photo by Ivy Lynn)

The Crossroads 1/20/07

Joe Allen & Joe Barone
Joe Allen
Crossroads Reunion

Incidental Bliss is...

Joe Barone on Lead Vocals and Guitar (Photo by Ivy Lynn)
Tommy Miller on Percussion (Photo by Ivy Lynn)
Sean Meagher on Keys (Photo by Mark Stenson)
Charlie Thurman on Guitar (Photo by Fritz)
Joe Antonelli on Bass (Photo by Mark Stenson)
Richie Bellando on Drums (Photo by Mark Stenson)

Sully's Pub 5/20/06

That's an agressive Foo. (Photo by Joe Allen)
The Bliss Army (Photo by Joe Allen)
Ryan & Steve (Photo by Joe Allen)
Acoustic Set (Photo by Joe Allen)
Ryan from Logan (Photo by Joe Barone)
Josh from Logan (Photo by Joe Barone)

da Funky Phish 3/10/06

Joe A & Joe B
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