Joe Barone, former front man and founder of the band “Incidental Bliss”, has been strumming the six string since the age of six. Born and raised in a small New England town, Joe often turned to music as an escape from the bland existence life sometimes had to offer. “Music has always been a place of refuge for me. When the world is dark, I close my eyes and create music…it is then that everything comes to light.”

Joe grew up in a musical family, his grandfather being an accomplished musician/songwriter along with his father and uncle who were both local musicians in the 60’s and 70’s. Joe’s older brother Tommy Miller, who is now his percussionist, was also a large influence during his youth. He exposed him to the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, and Jimi Hendrix. As Joe came of age, he opened his soul, absorbing a variety of other types of music from Ben Harper to Sublime, and Blind Melon to the Black Crowes.

In 1997 Joe Barone moved to Boston, MA where he attended Northeastern University and continued to study music and music business. In a new and stimulating environment, Joe discovered that creating music was even more satisfying than just playing it. A talent that was undiscovered until this point, his craft for the written word immediately came to the forefront of his songs. “Living in Boston exposed me to an entirely new world and perspective. It evoked the idea that anything was possible in this lifetime and it was then that I felt there was something in my music that had to be shared.”

Thanks to a new perspective on his music, he opened himself up and began playing acoustically at local bars and college parties. After two years, he had compiled an impressive catalog of self-written songs and it was time to lay them down in the studio. He solicited the help of some other fellow music majors and his brother to record his first solo project titled, “Ocean Drive”. Unbeknownst to them, they discovered a vibe that would ultimately lead them to creating the Roots Rock band, Incidental Bliss. Barone best describes Incidental Bliss as “an awakening of the soul, stimulated by the collective fusion of passion, emotion, and spirituality as it finds its way into our lives…sometimes very unexpectedly.”

In the winter of 2003 Joe Barone and the band relocated to New York City to further pursue their musical endeavors. Incidental Bliss had since crafted a diverse style all its own, amalgamating the rich sounds of rock, blues and funk into one musical entity. In 2005 they recorded and released another CD, a 7 song EP titled “The View Inside My Mind”.

In 2007, Joe Barone returned to his solo career. He began writing new music and performing with his new band Joe Barone & the Remedies in the Hartford, CT area. This solo record is titled “Breakdown” and it is exactly that. It brings out everything that is bliss but broken down into its purest form.  In 2013 "The Acoustic Collection" was released for digital distribution only. It is a compilation of 16 acoustic tracks that were recorded throughout the years but never released.  

Joe Barone & The Remedies new album 'Some Grace' was released on 12.22.2017.  Many of the artists that Joe has worked with throughout the years will be featured on this album including Dennis Maroni, Josh Ballard, Tommy Miller, K-Lee, Dan Prindle, Glen Nelson and more.  

"Some Grace is a collection of compositions written over the course of two decades, ranging from the late 1990's to 2017. The idea was to create something organic without trying to over-process the process. Simple is always better. We recorded the lead vocals, guitars, bass, drums and percussions live in the same room at the same time with the intention of creating and capturing something authentic. We played each song three times and used the best take which is an old school method that I have always wanted to adopt. From there, we overdubbed a real B3 w/ Leslie speaker cabinet, Rhodes and Baby Grand piano (not a synthesized alternative), a tasty horn section and a cello part to add the finishing touch. This album symbolizes mankind's eternal struggle between temptation and enlightenment. This has proven to be inevitable and unavoidable but as humans we are perpetually longing for Some Grace. In the artwork behind the disc, the snake represents temptation and the lotus flower represents enlightenment. The snake eating its own tail is a depiction that there is no beginning and no end to this struggle. Complete Grace may be unattainable but Some Grace could serve as a Remedy to the heart, mind and soul." - Joe Barone